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Escape The End-of-Summer Blues

We just crossed into September, which is a bittersweet milestone every year: while the days are getting shorter and the nights are a little bit chillier with every passing week, this month also means that we are in the home stretch before the kickoff into the film festival. We know it can be hard to leave summer behind, so here are a few film recommendations to keep you in vacation mode for a little while longer.

First up is the Alberta-shot SUCK IT UP, which will be the featured movie at the Closing Gala this year on Sunday, Sept 30. This female-led film is about two friends who take a trip from Calgary to Invermere to help deal with some personal issues, and encounter plenty more along the way. If THELMA & LOUISE and ROAD TRIP had a little baby film, it would look something like this one, which is already winning awards and gaining recognition across the country. The director, Jordan Canning, as well as lead actress Erin Carter, executive producer Sandra Quinn, and several other crew members will all be in attendance at the Closing Gala, and be followed by a party at Workshop Kitchen + Culture.

Next we dive into a film that's a bit more risqué - the aptly-named A SWINGERS WEEKEND. Join our protagonists, Lisa and Dan, as they attempt to spice things up with a sultry weekend at the lake with another hip young couple - and then feel their surprise when a third pair of lovers arrives unexpectedly, turning a perfect vacation into something else entirely. Don't you just hate when your swingers weekend gets interrupted?

On the darker side of the spectrum sits PRETENDERS, a film from eastern Europe that expertly blends genres in a brutally honest examination of relationships. A young couple, house-sitting their wealthy friends' seaside villa for the summer, help out an injured beachgoer and his girlfriend - but neglect to mention that the lavish house is not actually theirs, causing the guests to cast a more lurid eye on the wealth before them. 

Cure those September blues by seeing these films, or any other on our schedule! You can even save some extra money for snacks and drinks by picking up a 10- or 20-pack of tickets. And speaking of keeping extra money, did you know that this year we have "happy hour" films? That's right - for any screening that starts before 6:30 PM during weekdays, you can get a ticket for $10 and a Big Rock beer or cider for just $5 (which also goes well with our new "all screenings are licensed" idea!).