Recap: Opening & Canadian Galas

Two days down, ten to go!

More CIFF Events, As Fresh As The Fall Air

A few weeks ago, we laboured away making sure that our 2016 Program Guide was perfect down to the last detail. Every showtime was confirmed, every venue was correct, and every event was expertly placed into its own timeslot, ready to go. And then, in true film festival fashion, we went ahead and added a bunch more!

Filmmaker Q&A: Matthew Millan (Stronger Than Bullets)

For the last few days, we've been presenting you with a series of blogs featuring some of the filmmakers from this year's festival - Linda Ohama (A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU), Jordan Roberts (BURN YOUR MAPS), Jon

Filmmaker Q&A: Toby Fell-Holden (Balcony)

This is the fourth entry in our "Filmmaker Q&A" blog series: first was Linda Ohama (A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU), then Jordan Roberts (BURN YOUR MAPS) and Jonatan Relayze (ROSA CHUMBE).

Filmmaker Q&A: Jonatan Relayze (Rosa Chumbe)

So far, we've had two entries in our "Filmmaker Q&A" blog series: Linda Ohama from A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU, and Jordan Roberts, director of BURN YOUR MAPS.

Filmmaker Q&A: Jordan Roberts (Burn Your Maps)

Yesterday, we kicked off our Filmmaker Q&A blog series with an entry about Linda Ohama and A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU. Today we got in touch with Jordan Roberts, director of BURN YOUR MAPS and co-writer of past films like BIG HERO 6 and the narration in MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. 

The film MOONLIGHT appears at both festivals this year.

CIFF & TIFF: A Tale of Two Festivals

There are only so many months of the year, and – let's face it – in Canada there are even less when we can be out in the open without getting frostbitten. Maybe that's why two major film festivals, our very own CIFF and the prestigious TIFF, often end up overlapping both in timing and in films.

Linda and Kenji during one of their meetings

Filmmaker Q&A: Linda Ohama (A New Moon Over Tohoku)

Now that all of the films have been announced for this year's festival, for the next week leading up to the opening gala we'll be getting a bit more personal. In order to really get the stories behind some of the films we'll be showing, we've asked a few of our filmmakers about the making of their film, their plans in Calgary and what they hope to bring to audiences.

A Whole Wide World Of Film at CIFF 2016

Features Programmer Sachin Gandhi takes a look at the World Cinema lineup at this year's festival.

The CIFF 2016 Box Office is Open

That's right! The CIFF box office at Eau Claire is officially open for business!

This means that you can now buy tickets to all events and individual screenings, which you'll definitely want to do now that our full film lineup is out. We have more than 200 films and special events going on across 12 days, so head over to that link and you can buy tickets online (or make a plan to hit up the box office).